Puma GT from Switzerland

Sent by Jean-Pierre Reul

A Gathering of Pumas in Switzerland

Sent by Jens-Uwe Harder

Two Pumas from Germany

The coupe is owned by Juergen Lafery and the covertible is owned by Stefan Kuhlisch.
Sent by Jens-Uwe Harder

Jens Uwe-Harder also provided some interesting information regarding Puma importation to Europe. He indicates that approximately 150 Pumas where imported into Europe, most via Switzerland by a Mr. Pfister. It appears that Pfister imported about 105 cars starting between 1972 and 1983. In addition, approximately 25 cars were imported by a German company called "Deutsch Brasilianische Fahrzeugbau GmbH." This company went bankrupt soon after the cars were imported in the 1979-1980 time period. This company planned to produce the Puma in Germany but this idea failed. Another German company that tried to import Pumas from Brazil was "Puma Automobil GmbH Deutschland" in Stuttgart. Little is know of this third effort. Of the 150 or so cars that were imported, 41 are known to exist today.

Here is an image of the cover of a German Puma Catalog that Jens provided.

1972 Puma GT from Iowa

This is one of very few pre-1976 Pumas that made it to the U.S.
Owner: Jame Kraus

1977 Puma GTE from California

This car has had the same owner since 1987.
Owner: Tony Wu

1981 Puma GTI from Canada

The owner hails from Calgary, Alberta.
Owner: Miguel Kanafany

All Original 1970 Puma GT from Brazil

An outstanding example of an early Puma GT Coupe.
Owner: Adolpho Cunha

1980 Puma GTS from Brazil

This car was recently restored.
Owner: Tercio Teixeira

1992 AM-3 Coupe from Brazil

Rare water-cooled Puma Coupe made by Alfa Metais.
Only 13 cars of this model were produced.

Puma Gathering in Brazil

A 1974 GT Coupe parked opposite a row of Puma GTB's.
Sent by Claudio Assis de Almeida

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