1971 Puma GTE Coupe

This coupe is built to rallye specifications.
Photo by Jose Rodrigo Octano provided by Jason Vogel.
Owner: Paolo Lomba

1978 Puma GTS Convertible

A second view of this sharp GTS.
Owner: Eduardo Figueredo

1977 Puma GTE Coupe

The same car before being restored.
Owner: Rogerio Ferraresi

Brazilian Puma Racers

1975 Puma GTE Racer Number 38.

Late 1970's GTE with a 1980's GTI in the background.

Another 1970's Puma GTE Racer Number 45.
Pictures provided by Rogerio Ferraresi

Pristine 1973 GTS Convertible

Owner: Pericles Cruz

1977 Puma GTS Convertible

This silver beauty has the 1.6 liter engine.
Owner: Joao Sergio Ferreroni, Jr.

1974 Puma GTE Coupe

Photo by Jose Rodrigo Octano provided by Jason Vogel.
Owner: Dinho Amaral

Two 1974 Puma GTE Coupes

Rear quarter windows were not added until 1976.
Photo provided by Alexandre Cruvinel Carvalho.

1975 Puma GTE Coupe

Owner: Luiz Fernando Gomes

1980 Puma GTS Convertible

This beauty was recently restored.
Owner: Reubens Perlingeiro

Another 1980 GTS Convertible

1980 was the last year for the GTS.
Owner: Vandir Ribeiro de Souza

Quatro Rodas Puma

Only three Quatro Rodas Pumas were built.
Picture courtesy of the MG Club of Brazil.
Owner: Antonio Araujo Pinho

The Puma GT 4R was commissioned by the Brazilian motor magazine Quatro Rodas. It is believed that two of the three original cars have survived. Differences from the standard Puma coupe included square headlights, rear quarter windows, functional side cooling vents, and a small rear seat. Click here for the story of this unique model.

This is the second surviving GT 4R.
Photo sent by Sandro Berlatto.
Owner: Luis Telles

1982 Puma GTI Coupe

Super sharp Puma GTI with great engine detailing.
A larger shot of this pristine machine.
Owner: Paulo Sardinha

1981 Puma GTC Convertible

A front view of this really nice convertible.
Interior includes VDO clock added to dash at left.
Owner: Lucas Moreira

1981 GTC and Late Production Coupe

The late coupe from Alfa Metais is relatively rare.
GTC Owner: Adriano Perrotte

Another 1981 GTC Convertible

That's young Joao Pedro Berlatto on the deck lid.
Owner: Sandro Berlatto

Yet Another Sharp GTC

A rear view of Claudio's GTC.
Owner: Claudio Viola

1983 Puma GTB S2

Chevrolet based front engine rear drive touring car.
Image provided by Jose Claudio Lobato.
Click here for more about the Puma GTB.

First Series Puma GTB

Carrozine photo used by permission from Jose Geraldo.

1986 Puma Convertible

Very rare square headlight P 018 model.
Another view of the factory stock headlights.
Owner: Walbert de Carvalho

MiniPuma Prototype

Proposed 1970's Puma front wheel drive sedan.
This little gem did not make it into production.

Factory Photos of the Puma GTS

The removable hardtop was an option on the GTS.
Scans provided by Fernando Fuhrken.

Factory Photo of a 1975 Puma Convertible

Top up factory photos are relatively rare.

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