1974 Puma GTE Coupe

Restoration of this car as original was completed in 2004.
Black license plates are for collector cars that are 30 years old.
Owner: Felipe Nicoliello

1974 and 1975 Puma GTS Convertibles

The red car is a 1974 model and the silver car is 1975 model.
Owner: Marcelo J. Costa (red car)

Another 1970's GTS Convertible

Owner: Christian Lovatto

And Another GTS Convertible

Pictures provided by Andrei Francisquini

1970's Puma GTE and GTS Bodies

Both have been stripped clean for parts.
Pictures provided by J.R. Lacerda

Puma GTI Dragster

Pictures provided by Arsenio Fornaro

1976 Puma GTB S1

Restoration of the red GTB was completed in 2004.
The second picture includes two GTB S1 and several GTB S2.
Owner: Paulo Manzano (red GTB S1)

1975 Puma GTB S1 Specifications Sheet sent by Louis Lipp.

1982 Puma GTB S2 Super Clar

This 1982 Puma GTB S-2 was restyled in 1989 with a kit from Super Clar.
The current owner bought it in 1997 and has completed the restoration.
Owner: Jose Claudio Lobato

Another 1982 Puma GTB S2

The current owner's father was the first owner of this orginal GTB S2.
This low mileage car has only gone about 34,000 kilometers since new.
Owner: Octacilio Costa, Jr.

1989 Alfa Metais Puma AMV 4.1

This is an an original fully optioned car produced by Alfa Metais in Curitiba, Brazil.
Production of this model started in 1988 and ended in 1991 with about 150 produced.
Owner: Mario Szpoganicz de Oliveira

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Updated 9/12/07