The Puma is a Volkswagen based specialty sports car built in Brazil. Strict Brazilian regulations which restricted imports to encourage domestic automobile production led to the development of the Puma and other specialty vehicles. Production began in 1964 using DKW components, with a switch to VW components in 1967. This necessitated a change from front engine, front wheel drive to rear engine, rear wheel drive. The first Pumas were built strictly for racing, but it was not long before they were being built for street use. Pumas were sporadically imported to the U.S. during the 1970's and 1980's. Although the Puma was not designed as a kit car, the cars were imported in kit form. The "kit" was actually a complete car less the front suspension, transaxle, engine, wheels, and tires. The missing components were available from the distributor, or the buyer could supply the needed parts. Less restrictive regulations permitted the importation and marketing of complete cars in Canada. Pumas were also popular in South Africa, and an assembly plant was established there. Exports to Europe were limited to small numbers through a distributor in Switzerland. Puma built some front engine rear wheel drive models based on Brazilian Chevrolet components, but these were not exported. Once the Brazilian market was opened to imports, the domestic market for the Puma declined significantly. The original Puma company went into receivership in the mid-1980's, and production ended for a time. Production of both the VW and Chevrolet based models resumed when the Araucaria company bought the machinery and tooling. After a short period, production was taken over by Alfa Metais. A few rear engine Pumas with water cooled VW engines were made during the final years of production, but sales of these were low. Over 22,000 Puma automobiles were produced over the life of the marque. Puma also produced a line of special bodied light trucks, which continued in production after Puma automobile production ended.

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1967 DKW Puma Coupe

This was the immediate predecessor to the VW powered Pumas.
More pictures of this car are in the DKW Based Models section.

1977 Puma GTE 1600 Coupe

Owner: Bill Jackameit

Joop de Ruiter from Holland has a similiar 1979 GTE.

1978 Puma GTE in White

Owner: Paul Lang

Another Puma GTE Coupe

This car has a 2180 engine with dual Webers.
Owner: Arsenio Fornaro

1970's Puma GTS Convertible

More GTS pictures One, Two, Three, Four.

Juan Carlos Menendez of Spain has a similiar 1600 GTS Convertible.

Faith Brandjes also owns an early Puma GTS Convertible.

Outstanding 1970's GTS show car restored by Bo Dempsey.

1970's Puma GTE Coupe

The stock chrome bumpers have been removed.
Front angle view of this cool coupe.
Owner: David Morton

Another Puma GTE in Yellow

This coupe has Porsche 911 power and custom Puma wheel caps.
Here is an interior shot of this outstanding coupe.
Owner: Paul Jung

Paul's other monster Puma is in the Custom and Modifed area.

1980's Puma GTI Coupe

Another shot of this fine GTI
Owners: Kristy and Phil Taylor

Very Sharp Puma GTI Coupe

Owner: Miguel Kanafany

More Puma GTI pictures One, Two, Three, Four, Five.

Kerry and Ross Wessner own a 1980's Puma GTI One, Two, Three.

1973 Puma Coupe

This is reported to be the only Puma in Australia.
Owner: Carl Bruce

Bror Tanberg of Norway owns a similiar 1973 GTE Coupe.

1978 Puma Coupe Rear View

This coupe has early style nonwrapping tail lights.
Owner: Dominick Cacioppo

Another view of this cool split bumper coupe.

1985 Puma GTC Convertible

This show car has 2275 cc's and dual Dellorto carbs.
Owner: Jorge Matias

Jorge also owns a sharp white GTC Convertible.

1981 Puma GTC Convertible

This turn-key Canadian car has Puma dual carb setup.
Owner: Victor Alksnis

Same Car New Owner

Now totally restored and modified with an IRS conversion and a supercharger added to the engine.
Owner: Paul Donaghy

1981 Puma GTC and 1972 Karmann Ghia

This GTC is also a turn-key Canadian car.
Owner: Sylvain Girard (Puma GTC)

Another shot of Sylvain's 1981 GTC Convertible.

South African Puma Coupe

This is a second run car from 1989-1991.
More pictures of Pumas made in South Africa.

1992 Puma AM-4

Late model with water cooled VW engine in the rear.
More pictures of this super Puma AM-4 Convertible.

Peter Pereira from Brazil owns a sharp late model coupe.

Canadian Market GTI Coupe

This picture was taken September 1998.
Another view of this sharp Canadian GTI.
Owner: Eric Bergeron

Puma GTI Coupe from Finland

Owner: Timo Tapper

1979 Puma GTS Convertible

Owner: Mark Oxenreiter

Another 1979 Convertible with a Ferrari.
Owner: Hannes Bauer (Austria)

1984 Puma GTC Convertible

A top down interior shot.
Owner: Bill Ramsey

A gold GTC owned by Jorge Matias.

1977 Puma GTE Coupe

Blue is a relatively uncommon color.
Owner: Ron Sample


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