1970's Puma GTE 1600 Sales Brochure

This is the cover of a early 1970's European market Puma 1600 sales brochure. It was published in several languages. This particular example is in German.

Beautiful 1970's Brochure

Cover and information sections.

Fold out poster on the back

The poster was on the back side of the four section fold-out sales brochure. The "Life in Perpetual E Motion" slogan was used in several 1970's sales pieces.

Late 1970's U.S. Sales Brochure

This brochure is from 1976-1977 when official importation to the U.S. began in earnest. The upper picture shows a GTS convertible and the lower picture shows a GTE coupe.

1980's U.S. Sales Brochure

Brochure Cover

Two pictures from the brochure

This very nice Puma sales brochure was published in the 1980's. The seven page brochure measures 8 1/2" by 11" and includes a detailed narrative, numerous photos, and complete specifications. Engine specifications are for the 2275 cc, 154 hp high performance factory motor. Excellent quality full size color copies of the brochure can be purchased from Jorge Matias. The scans above were made from a color copy.

Front and back of a 1980's Puma brochure from the period when International Motor Craft was the U.S. importer. Unassembled price was $10,400 which included a dual carburator 1600cc engine, exhaust system, transaxle, mounted and balanced wheels and tires, and even a battery. Cars were fully painted, wired, and upolstered and all miscellaneous parts needed for assembly were included in the package. Available colors were white, yellow, silver, red, and mint green. Options offered were leather seats for $600, electric windows for $300, and a glass sunroof for $345.

Early 1980's Canadian Sales Brochure

The two pages above are from a French language Canadian sales brochure. This four page grey tone brochure measures 8 1/2" by 11" and includes complete specifications for the Canadian market GTC Convertible and GTI Coupe. Engine specifications are for the 1584 cc, 85 hp standard factory motor. The scans above were made from color copy provided by Sylvain Girard.

Brazilian Puma Ad

This appears to be from the early 1970's. The lead copy translates to "The Best Thing is to be a Minority." Scan provided by Fernando Fuhrken.

Late 1970's Brazilian Ad

Apha Metais AM-3 Color Ad

Scans provided by J.R. Lacerda

English Language Magazine Articles.

"Brazil's Puma GT - Bosa Nova On Wheels" by Karl Ludvigsen. Automobile Quarterly, Spring 1969. 8 pages. Excellent account of the early years of the company. Discusses how the Puma GT was designed, built, and marketed. Includes several photos of Pumas in various states of production at the factory in Sao Paulo. Compares the Puma GT to the Porsche 1600 of 1961. Has a good photo of Rino Malzoni, the man who started it all.

"The Brazilian Corvette" by Karl Ludvigsen. Motor Trend, May 1971. 4 pages. A road test of the Puma GTE coupe that compares it favorably to the Porsche 914. Includes a neat full-page photo that shows a Puma GTE with a DKW-Malzoni, Puma DKW, Quatro Rodas Puma, and an unidentified dune buggy lined up behind it. Also has some factory shots and discussion of the company in general. Copy provided by Jorge Matias.

"Powerful Puma" by Bill Moore. Kit Car Illustrated, October 1988. 5 pages with cover. Features a yellow Puma convertible with a 2110 cc, 220 horsepower high performance engine. Several articles in this issue relate to Le Car Stables, which was the Puma, Adamo, and Ventura importer at the time. An article "The Brazilian Connection" (mostly about Chuck Beck) contains some information on the original Puma Company bankruptcy. Finally, a half page ad for Le Car Stables features Puma and other Brazilian cars. The yellow Puma is on the cover and also on the back page.

"The Puma" by Ed Orr. Dune Buggies and Hot VW's, March 1977. 5 pages with cover. Discusses the U.S. market Puma kit car. Contains a great anecdote about a wealthy oil shiek who ordered a Puma from the factory with leopard skin seats and a gold plated engine. Copy provided by Sylvain Girard.

"The Puma GTE" by Jay Amestoy. Volkswagen Greats, June 1977. 7 pages with cover. Excellent background information on the importation of Pumas into the United States. Includes a comparison test of a Puma GTE and a Porsche 924. Copy provided by Sylvain Girard.

"The Specialty Cars of Brazil" by John G. Rettie. Dune Buggies and Hot VW's, June 1981. 5 pages with cover. General discussion of the Brazilian specialty car industry. Includes Puma and others. A Puma GTC was the cover car for this issue. Copy provided by Sylvain Girard.

"What's A Puma?" by Dwayne T. Ray. Kit Car Illustrated, August 1992. 5 pages. Fairly comprehensive article with 9 photos. Contains several interesting anecdotes. One of these was a scheme involving Muhammad Ali and Saudi financiers to market a special Puma in the U.S. as the "Ali Stinger." Another was a plan for Michael Kelly's New Avanti Motor Corporation (as in former Studebaker Avanti) to acquire both import and overall production rights to the Puma. Copy provided by Bob Bloom.

"Poise from Brazil" by Malcolm McKay. Classic and Sports Car, July 2002. 4 pages. Excellent historical coverage and great color photography of the Malzoni GT and Puma GTE 1600. Features beautifully restored cars owned by Brazilian Puma enthusiasts Paulo Lomba and Dinho Amaral. Much of the background information in this excellent article appears to have been gleaned from my Puma Pages. The September 2002 issue of Classic and Sports Car includes a letter from me, featured as the "Letter of the Month," that provides clarifications to the article.

If you can provide copies of other articles, please submit them to Bill Jackameit, 162 Loch Drive, Staunton, VA 24401. Persons listed in the North American Puma Register may request photocopies of these articles at my cost which is 10 cents per page plus postage. The magazine cover is included in the page count when available. Photocopies are provided for research purposes only and should not be used commercially. I also have a substantial collection of Puma related articles in Portugese, for those who might be interested.

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