Puma GTB S2 in the UK

Darryl Barnsdale sent this picture of his stepfather's 1980 Puma GTB S2. This car has a bit of a history. It was shipped to Germany for the 1980 Frankfurt Motor Show when Puma was trying to break into the European market. The car lanquished in the Hamburg docks for several years after the show. Darryl's stepfather George Evans purchased the car with the original bill of laden. It took George several years to get the car properly registered and sorted-out. George's GTB is left-hand drive and has a black leather interior. The exterior was originally white but has been resprayed gun metal grey which really looks sharp. It is believed to be the only Puma GTB in Europe.

Puma Coupe in France

This car was brought from Brazil to France in 2004.
Owner: Jacques Lagrange

Puma Gathering in Canada

Gerry Minor and Sandra Coomber provided pictures of five 1981 Pumas which attended the Brantford, Ontario Classic and Specialty VW Car Show on September 13, 2009. Included are four GTI Coupes and a GTC Convertible. It is not often if ever that five Pumas are seen together in North America.

1981 Puma GTC Convertible from Brazil

Yellow is a popular color for Pumas.
Owner: Roberto Costa

Rare 1986 Puma P018 from Brazil

Walbert Carvalho sent some additional pictures of his 1986 Puma P018 Convertible. Walbert's Puma was first pictured in these pages several years ago. Walbert's P018 has body number 5 of this rare model. The P018 was the last model produced by Puma in Sao Paulo. Production figures indicate that only 19 P018 cars were built divided between convertibles and coupes. The P018 Coupe shared the unique round door handle and lock assembly with the convertible but had round headlights similiar to the earlier GTI Coupe. A major change was the relocation of the gas tank to the rear of the car to increase luggage space. The P018 was the last model produced by Puma in Sao Paulo.

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