The Puma GTB was a front engine, rear wheel drive touring car based on Brazilian GM (Opala) components. A prototype named the Puma GTO appeared in 1971. The name was changed to Puma GTB for the first production version which appeared in 1973. The GTB was powered by a 4100 cc in-line six cylinder engine that was basically a U.S. Chevy six produced in Brazil. The body was made of fiberglass, which allowed for styling changes with minimal expense. It was common for GTB engines to be modified for high output. GTB interiors were luxuious, with features such as leather seats, power windows and air condtioning. Several aftermarket companies, including Pumakit and Superclar, produced custom body parts for the Puma GTB.

Production of the GTB was lower than that of the VW based Pumas. Total production was 1,589 of which 701 were S1 (First Series) and 888 were S2 (Second Series). The Puma GTB was not exported to North American or Europe, although at least one S2 is known to be in the U.S. When Alfa Metais assumed production of Puma cars, the GTB was facelifted and revived as the AMV.

1978 Puma GTB S1

This picture is from a Brazilian cars for sale site.

Another Puma GTB S1

Bumpers have been painted black as on the S2.

GTB S1 Engine Compartment

Chevy fans should feel right at home here.
Owner: Leandro Guilherme

1981 Puma GTB S2

These pictures are also from a Brazilian cars for sale site.

1980 Puma GTB S2

The wheels on this S2 appear to be much wider than stock.

1984 Puma GTB S2

Custom 1982 Puma GTB S2

This Puma GTB was customized by Pumakit.
Pictures provided by Jose Caludio Labato.

1978 Puma GTB S1

This 1978 Puma GTB S1 (First Series) is owned by Adilson Boribello of Sao Paulo. It is the the process of being rebuilt from bumper to bumper. Adilson is making body and electrical system modifications to improve function and safety. These include new rear lamps, a remote door opening system, and other details.

Same Car During Restoration


Adilson has made great progress with his car.

Puma GTB S2 Sales Brochure Pictures

Puma GTB leather interior was very plush.
Brochure scans provided by Jorge Paulo.

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