Puma toys and models are relatively rare. However, Estrela of Brazil made at least three different Puma GTE toys. Plastilindo, also a Brazilian company, also made a Puma GTE. These are all very difficult to find. A more recent model of a GTS convertible made in China was marketed in a series named "Historia dos Carros Brasileiros" in what appears to be 1:32 scale. If anyone has additional information on toy or model Pumas, please contact me at wj2d@comcast.net and I will add the information to this section.

Estrela Puma GTE Promo

This one is 1:32 Scale.
Pictures by J.R. Lacerda

Estrela Puma Slot Car

This rare slot car was made in Brazil in the 1970's.
From the collection of Louis Claudio Valdetaro.

Very Rare HO Scale Puma GTE

Smaller Puma model also made by Estrela.
From the collection of Cesar A. Comerlato

Another Toy Puma GTE

This one was made in Brazil by Plastilindo.

Diecast Puma GTS Convertible

This recent one is about 1:32 scale made in China.
Pictures sent by Jacques Lagrange

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Updated 12/30/09