Reprinted 1976-77 Puma GTE/GTS and 1981 and up Puma GTI/GTC Parts Manuals. Both manuals contain all vehicle parts numbers and exploded drawings of vehicle components. The 1976/77 manual is in Portugese and English and the 1981 and up manual is English only. These manuals are extremely helpful to anyone restoring or maintaining a Puma. These are produced on a digtal copier from photocopies, so the quality is good (GTE/GTS) to very good (GTI/GTC). Both are produced in loose leaf format and come in a looseleaf binder with cover insert as shown. The 1976-77 manual is about 80 pages and the 1981 and up manual is about 140 pages. The manuals are $25.00 for the GTE/GTS Manual and $35.00 for the GTI/GTC Manual ($60.00 for both manuals) plus $8.00 shipping ($10.00 shipping for both) in the U.S.

Shipping to Canada for a single manual by first class mail international is $15.00 without a looseleaf binder (cover inserts will be included) or $20.00 with a looseleaf binder. The high shipping cost to Canada results from recent large increases in charges for first class international mail.


Puma Parts Manuals can be ordered from:

Bill Jackameit
162 Loch Drive
Staunton, VA 24401
Phone: (540) 886-0639
E-mail: wj2d@comcast.net

Payment can be by check (U.S. only), money order in U.S. dollars, or through PayPal.

PayPal payments should be made to bjdtoys@live.com.

EXTRA BONUS: All orders will receive a free North American Puma Register window sticker.


"Purring Pumas -- Parts to keep your Puma purring" is a new business located in San Diego, California. The owners are are Alan and Alfredo d'Escragnolle. Purring Pumas indicates that they will be expanding their inventory as time goes on. They also say that they can search for parts through their suppliers in Brazil. Purring Pumas can be contacted at parts@purringpumas.com or by phone at (858) 453-8383. There are several postings regarding Purring Pumas in the Puma Owners Forum.


  • Allparts.US. A Maimi, Florida based direct importer of parts automobile parts from Brazil. They indicate that they have access to millions of parts including classic car parts.
  • California Pacific JBugs. An excellent source for classic VW parts with a large inventory.
  • Aircooled.net. Comprehensive parts source for air cooled VW enthusiasts. Site includes a searchable parts database.
  • Chrirco. Another air cooled parts site with a searchable parts database. Located in Tuscon, Arizona.
  • Mofoco. Still another air cooled parts site with a searchable parts database. Located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They have an eBay store and a Facebook fan page.
  • J.C. Whitney. Click on the Classic VW tab for lots of air cooled VW stuff.


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