The L'Automobile Ventura is another example of a Brazilian manufactured fiberglass bodied specialty car built on a VW floorpan. It was not made by the same company as the Puma. However, there is a tendency for U.S. auto dealers to list any fiberglass car from Brazil as a Puma. The dark red 1984 Ventura pictured below was for sale in Richmond, Virginia. It was listed in the Cenral Virginia AutoTrader as a "Puma Ventura." Mechanically, the Ventura is similiar to the Puma, with an air cooled four cylinder VW engine in the rear. However, the engine is a pancake type, and sits under an access panel similiar to that on Type III VW's. For a time, the Ventura was marketed in the U.S. by the same distributor as the Puma. This particular car is equipped with Puma alloy wheels, which the owner says were ordered with the car. The Ventura was sold in the U.S. as a kit, but was essentially a complete car. As with most U.S. registered Pumas, the "model year" typically is the year the car was first titled.


1984 Ventura Coupe

Owner: Brian Goad

Another 1984 Ventura

Yes, those are Puma factory wheels.

1992 Ventura

A view from the rear.

This 1992 Ventura was owned by Mark Darkazalli of Arlington, Texas. The car was for sale at the time these pictures were taken. The paint needed to be redone, and the dash needed to be recovered, but otherwise the car was ready to go. Does anyone know what happened to it?

1989 Ventura

This Ventura was found on a Charlottesville, Virginia used car lot. The dealer said it is a "Puma Ventura." The glass indicates that the car is from Brazil. The name L'Automobile appears on the deck lid along with the name Ventura. The dealer was not able to sell the car locally, and he eventually took it to the auction.

Rare Ventura Convertible

Very few Ventura convertibles were built.
It is not believed that any were exported to the U.S.

These Ventura Publicity Shots where provided by John Melberg.

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